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Complete Version Rogers DIGITAL Channel Guide (preview image): First page of our print-friendly, colour-coded PDF file of ALL Rogers DIGITAL TV channels in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga ON. This comprehensive version is 11 pages long with 836 channels. GTIN 634359182300

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Printable TV Channel Guides

We make TV channel guides for both Canadians and Americans.  Info on this particular webpage is for Canadian TV customers (USA customers please click here).

In Canada, we have channel listings for Rogers, Bell and Shaw customers.  Simply download and print your PDF channel lineup.  All guides are FREE of charge (no strings… except please consider submitting a Google Review).   For best results, use thick-stock paper, either gloss or matte finish.

Surprisingly, it’s very difficult finding TV channel listings online.  They’re either out of date, massive and full of white space or downright disorganized and difficult to print.  We are here to make life easier so you can see what you pay for… your TV channels in a well organized list.

Some TV channel guides come in different versions and formats.  Some are “complete”, whereas others are “edited/intermediate” or “short”.  This is to help reduce paper wastage.   For instance, since international channels take up a lot of room, they are omitted in the edited and short versions.  We also provide HD (high-definition) channel listings.  Finally, we are now making both alphabetically and numerically organized guides.  

As an alternative, have us print and mail you a hardcopy (“bound”) channel guide bound in fancy linen-weave paper!


If your TV channel guide is not available, please let us know.

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Photo: Printed Hardcopy of our TV Channel Channel Guide Listings for Rogers IGNITE Cable TV

Advertising opportunities are available. Please contact us.  

We are not associated with any cable provider.  All guides are free of charge.

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We Keep it Simple

Optimum TV Listing of HD Channels for CableCard Subscribers in New York- PHOTO

Our channel guides are simple and useful, especially when there's hundreds of TV stations to pour through.  See what you pay for!

Original version of the Rogers Toronto Channel Guide in 2009. They don't make these anymore so I did.

Dad's original version of the Rogers Toronto Channel Guide from 2009. They don't make 'em anymore so I did (and improved it a bit). 




Channel you payed for BUT didn't know you had is TOO MANY

We exist simply because it’s not possible finding a TV channel guide that is up-to-date, print friendly with large font size and one that includes TV station logos.  Our colour coded listings are well organized, up-to-date PDF documents that can be printed on a few pages.  Colour coding helps organize the guides and to scan through it to help find channels.  You can try Rogers.com or other websites but they don’t make the guides like we do.  Many, if not most, are outdated and disorganized.  Simply put, ours are better.

A tablet is a very useful device and so are the apps from Rogers and Bell that can be used to surf your channels.  However, with almost 1000 channels, it’s not easy seeing the layout not to mention searching for just one.  Our PDFs are searchable, meaning, you can find a channel by simply entering it into your PDF viewer’s Find or Search bar.

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