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Rogers Ignite TV Packages | Compare Ignite Bundles (v.2, Feb. ’22) — This is a master channel list comparing TV stations for the Rogers Ignite bundles.  Download this free PDF to see the channel lineups in hardcopy (or just keep on your device).  Updated to include some missed channels in the previous version.

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Ignite TV Bundles Comparison Guide (v.2, February 2022)

Rogers Ignite Bundles | Compare Ignite TV Packages — Ignite TV packages include Premier, Flex 20 + Sports, Flex 10, Flex 5 as well as the Starter Package.  This is a master channel list comparing TV stations for these bundles.  Download our printable PDF now.  It’s free!

This update was done to include some missed channels in the previous version. CP24, CMT Canada, Cottage Life, CTV News, VisionTV and TLC were added to the Flex 20 + Sports column in this new Ignite channels lineup guide.

It is worth clarifying here the confusion behind total channel counts and exactly how Flex channels work.  For Ignite TV, Total Channels = Flex Channels + Base Channels.  Flex stations that come prepackaged are called “preselected Flex” and can be exchanged from a pool of “available Flex” stations.  Base channels cannot be changed.

Base channel examples include the major networks like CBC, CTV and Global as well as The Weather Network, APTN, YES TV and more.  Also, the number of total and flex channels vary by package.  That’s where this handy “Ignite TV Packages Master Channel Guide” helps.

Also, although this master list is for Ignite TV in Toronto, it is useful for all geographic regions in Canada.  The main differences being the local networks in your area.

Details about our Ignite Bundles Master Channel List:

  • Is a FREE, print-friendly PDF for download.  Bundle your master anytime you like.  ;)
  • Print it out in hardcopy (thick-stock matte paper is best) or just keep on your devices
  • Compares Ignite bundles by showing the TV stations under each plan
  • Colour-coded tick-marks (✓) clarify the types of channel ( base channel,  preselected Flex, available Flex)
  • Total number of channels are shown for each Ignite bundle along with the number of Flex channels (e.g. for Flex 10 in Toronto, it is written as “42/10” to denote 42 total stations and 10 Flex stations)
  • Channels are grouped by genre (e.g. network, news & weather, sports, etc.)


See our Other Rogers Ignite Channel Lineups:

  • Check out our Ignite TV channel TABLES.  These are check-sheet lists of PSF and available flex stations for the various bundles.  Most helpful when exchanging flex channels.  Unlike our channel guides, these tables don’t include channel numbers.


To see the source of information we use for the Rogers Ignite packages, go to the Roger’s website here.

We are not affiliated with Rogers TV or any other provider.  We’re here to make life easier.

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