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Xfinity Channel Lineups

Printable Xfinity channel lists are available here (v. 1, created November 2021).  These are free channel table PDF downloads that are in printable format.  TV stations with corresponding channel numbers are listed.  This helps to keep track of so many channels (687 in total, including duplicates).  

Our “National XFinity” channel lineup lists all stations from 1100 to 3500.  This is useful for all Xfinity X1 subscribers across the USA.  This particular channel range is preferable to the lower ones (those under Ch. 1000) because stations here are grouped by genre (eg. news, sports, movies).

For best results when printing, use thick-stock gloss or matte paper.  If you’d like us to print for you*, just let us know.  We’ll also bind it in a fancy blue linen-weave protective cover (see “hardcopy” image below).  Thoughtful gift! (*$20 fee applies)

Photo: Printed Hardcopy of our TV Channel Channel Guide @

Download and print your own channel guide.  Or, have us do it for you.  We'll professionally print, bind and mail you this hardcopy wrapped in fancy blue linen-weave covers*.  (*$30 charge applies)  Contact us to order.

Free Printable Comcast Xfinity Channel Lineup Guides

Seeing all TV stations printed out in hardcopy makes it easier to gain a sense of what’s available and how the channels are distributed.  However, to find a particular station, use the electronic version and enter the channel of interest in your PDF viewer’s search field.

  • Xfinity Channel Lineup | National | Numeric
  • Xfinity Channel Lineup | National | Alphabetic
  • Xfinity Channel Lineup | Houston | Numeric
  • Xfinity Channel Lineup | Houston | Alphabetic
  • more coming soon!  Just ask!

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Channel Numbers of the Most Popular Xfinity TV Stations:

A common question is, “What channel is (TV station X) on Xfinity?” So, here’s a list of need-to-know, important Xfinity X1 TV stations.  It too is color coded by channel genre.   The list below can be sorted by clicking on “Ch.” or “Station”.

Ch. Station ▾
1402A&E HD East
1405AMC HD
1463Bravo HD
1111CNN HD
1820Cinemax HD
1449Discovery HD
1873Epix 2 HD
1871Epix HD
1409FX HD
1484Food Network HD 👩‍🍳
1110Fox News HD
1802HBO HD
1804HBO2 HD
1492HGTV HD 🏡
1458Hallmark Channel HD
1478History HD
1444Investigation Discovery HD
1455Lifetime HD
1842Showtime 2
1840Showtime HD
1868Starz HD
1434TBS HD
1450TLC HD
1404TNT HD
1426TV Land HD
1860The Movie Channel
1862The Movie Channel Extra
1403USA Network HD
3311Univision HD

Xfinity Add-On Channels and Sports Packages — Nationwide

Premium Movie Channels
The Movie Channel


Sports Packages
NFL Network
NFL Redzone
NBA League Pass
ESPN Goal Line College Sports
MLB Network
MLB Extra Innings
Golf Channel
NHL Network
NHL Center Ice
HBO Boxing PPV
Some “Hidden” Channels:

There are several channels in the high numbers (starting at 20,000) that aren’t available in the usual, 4-digit range (up to 3500).   Most are duplicates though. Please note these channels vary based on location.  [For instance, for Chicago, there are many more 20XXX channels.]

I must admit it is very confusing trying to understand the distribution of channel numbers for Xfinity, however as a rule of thumb, most of the common channels are between 1000 and 2000.  Here are those questionably “hidden” channels by channel number for Houston, TX  (color coded by genre).

20950Sky News HD
21250Cheddar News
21550NBC Sports Northwest HD
24000BTN Overflow 1 HD
24100BTN Overflow 2 HD
24500SEC Network
24600SEC A HD
24700Pac-12 Network HD
24800Pac-12 Arizona HD
24900Pac-12 Bay Area HD
25000Pac-12 Los Angeles HD
25100Pac-12 Mountain HD
25200Pac-12 Oregon HD
25300Pac-12 Washington HD
26850Adult Swim
32600BET Gospel SD
32700BET Hip Hop
33050Tastemade  👩‍🍳
34740MovieMax HD
347505 StarMAX HD East
34760OuterMAX HD
34770Cinemax Spanish HD
34800Showtime HD
34801Showtime HD West
35600Starz HD
35601Starz HD West
37305Hot Country
37310Rock Alternative
37315Pop Adult
37325Remember the ’80s
37330Today’s Latin Pop
37340Urban Beats
37345Flashback 70’s
37350Naturescape  🧘🏻‍♀️
37360Qello Concerts Stingray

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