Comcast Xfinity Printable Channel Guide | NATIONWIDE | Alphabetic


Xfinity Printable Channel Guide | Arranged Alphabetically by Station, v.1 November 2021


Xfinity Printable Channel Guide | National | Arranged by Station Name, v.1 November 2021

Printable Xfinity TV Channel Lineup (alphabetic) 2021 PDF. This awesome channel guide is a list of all nationwide TV stations from channels 1100 to 3490.  It is for Xfinity X1 TV customers across the USA.  It makes it easier keeping track of channels as well as to see how the stations are distributed.

Table of channel groupings from channel 1 to 1899 for Xfinity customers. It shows how these channels are organized by genre.

Although this print-friendly channel guide includes several duplicates (particularly HD variants of SD channels), this document cleans up the messy channel distribution in the sub-1000 region. Local stations not included (but they start at channel 1000-1099 and from 1150 to 1199.  If there is no “HD” after the channel name, this means the station is most likely SD.

To see the same guide but organized numerically (by channel number), check out our Printable Xfinity TV Channel Lineup page (Numeric PDF)

General Benefits of our Comcast Xfinity Channel Guides:

  • Print-friendly PDF file of all available channels in USA
  • Stations are arranged alphabetically by TV station name
  • Large-print font size for easy reading
  • Color coded by genre to make it easier seeing the channel lineup (distribution)
  • Search friendly too
  • Very thoughtful gift for seniors, or anyone for that matter!


Notable Channels:

A common question is “What channel is ‘X’ on Xfinity?”.  So, here’s a table of the top-35 most commonly viewed TV stations on Xfinity with corresponding channel numbers.  It’s color coded by genre and arranged alphabetically.  [To see the same list of channels organized numerically, go to our Printable Xfinity TV Channel Lineup page (Numeric PDF).]


Ch. Station
1402A&E HD East
1405AMC HD
1463Bravo HD
1820Cinemax HD
1111CNN HD
1449Discovery HD
1871Epix HD
1873Epix 2 HD
1484Food Network HD 👩‍🍳
1110Fox News HD
1409FX HD
1458Hallmark Channel HD
1802HBO HD
1804HBO2 HD
1492HGTV HD 🏡
1478History HD
1444Investigation Discovery HD
1455Lifetime HD
1840Showtime HD
1842Showtime 2
1868Starz HD
1434TBS HD
1860The Movie Channel
1862The Movie Channel Extra
1450TLC HD
1404TNT HD
1426TV Land HD
3311Univision HD
1403USA Network HD


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