Bell Fibe Channels List | Edited Station List | Numeric


Bell FIBE Channels List | Edited | Numeric (v.4, Jan.’22)

Free, printable PDF listing of all Bell FIBE channels organized by channel number.  International stations are omitted in this version. Channels over 1000 are the same for all geographic regions in Ontario and Quebec.

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FIBE TV Channel Guide | Intermediate (“Edited”) Version | Numeric (v.4, updated January 2022)

This Bell Fibe channels list is a free, print-friendly PDF channel table of Fibe TV stations by channel number.  This edited version does not include the international stations (so to slim down this large channel guide).  This edited version does not contain international stations so to slim down this rather large channel guide (our comprehensive version shows all Fibe TV stations).

Bell Fibe is the major competitor to Rogers Ignite, another TV channel service provider in Canada.  Bell Fibe caters to those living in Ontario and Quebec.  They offer all the mainstream TV networks and premium sports and movie channels available in Canada.

To see the international channels on Fibe, check out our Fibe International Stations Guide.

To see the sports channels on Fibe, check out our Fibe TV Sports Stations Guide.


Benefits of this Fibe TV Channels Guide:

  • Free, 12-page PDF listing of all TV stations on Bell Fibe (not including international channels)
  • Arranged by channel number and colour coded by TV station genre
  • Includes both SD and HD versions of all stations (HD channels start at Ch. 1000 and are the same regardless of your location)
  • Of the 732 TV stations listed in this lineup, 411 are unique (non-duplicated) channels and 7 of those are 4K quality
  • Large font size makes it easy to read
  • The PDF channel guide is both printer-friendly and search-friendly


Never miss a channel again! This guide makes it easy to see all channels in your Bell FIBE TV package. Nothing is worse than missing out on a TV channel you never knew you had and pay for.  Once you see the guide, you will appreciate how much effort went in to making it!

4K Channels on Bell Fibe

There are seven 4K stations on Bell Fibe.  All are sports channels.  Availability depends on your plan and your TV:

1390 Bell 4K B
1395 Sportsnet 4K
1396 Sportsnet ONE 4K
1398 TSN2 4K
1399 TSN 4K
1406 Sportsnet East HD/4K
1409 Sportsnet ONE HD/4K

Most-Viewed Networks on Bell Fibe TV with Channel Numbers:

We’ve listed here the most popular networks on Bell Fibe TV.  They are ordered by channel number which is the same for Ontario and Quebec (except for those under Ch. #1000).  We’ve also ranked the top-five networks (in grey text) based on what we think are the best stations in terms of content.

1101 1177 Ici Télé Toronto CBLFT HD
1105 Météo Média HD  🌪
1124 Historia HD
1128 Planete+ HD
1129 Mezzo Live HD  🎻
1148 Fireplace HD  🔥
1153 Télétoon French HD
1154 La Chaîne Disney HD
1155 Disney Club Jr Fr. HD 🐣
1161 Super Écran 1 HD
1170 Ici Télé Quebec CBVT HD
1176 Ici Télé Montréal CBFT HD
1184 1585 Stingray Naturescape
1201 1230 CTV HD
1202 1231 CTV2 HD
1203 1232 Global HD
1204 CityTV HD
1205 1234 CBC HD
1206 1240 OMNI.1 CFMT HD
1207 1241 OMNI.2 CJMT HD
1216 Ici Montreal HD CFHD
1220 1285 NBC East HD
1221 1286 ABC East HD
1222 1287 CBS East HD
1223 1288 FOX East HD
1224 1289 PBS East HD
1294 Peachtree TV WPCH HD
1295 WGN Chicago HD
1296 MyTV Boston WSBK HD
1297 WPIX New York HD
1298 KTLA Los Angeles HD
1300 Crave 1 HD
1304 STARZ 1 HD
1306 HBO 1 HD
1307 HBO 2 HD
1325 Super Channel OD
1335 Lifetime HD
1336 Documentary HD
1337 Silver Screen Classics HD
1338 TCM Turner Classics HD
1339 AMC HD
1340 Movietime HD
1380 1401 TSN1 HD
1381 1402 TSN2 HD
1396 1409 Sportsnet ONE HD/4K
1406 Sportsnet East HD/4K
1416 Golf Ch. HD  ⛳️
1417 CBS Sports Ntwk. HD
1423 Fight Network HD  🥊
1448 NFL Network HD  🏈
1451 NFL Sunday Ticket HD 🏈
1500 CNN HD
1501 CTV News Channel HD
1502 CBC News Network HD
1503 CP24 HD
1507 FOX News Channel HD
1520 Discovery HD     [#1 best]
1521 TLC HD
1522 History HD
1524 Nat Geo. HD
1525 Animal Planet HD 🦎
1528 Invest. Discovery HD 👨‍⚖️
1550 Disney Jr HD  🐣
1554 Teletoon East HD
1556 Family East HD
1559 Nickleodeon HD
1567 Cartoon Network HD
1568 Disney Channel HD
1570 Much Music HD
1573 MTV Canada HD
1575 CMT HD  🚚
1576 BET HD
1600 HGTV HD 🛠     [#2 best]
1602 W Network HD
1603 Food Ntwk HD  👩‍🍳
1607 DIY Network HD  🛠
1610 Cooking Ch HD 👨‍🍳
1615 A&E HD
1621 E! HD  😎
1625 CTV Comedy East HD
1631 American Heroes HD 🪖
1638 Crime + Invest. HD 👨‍⚖️
1660 BBC First HD  🇬🇧
1661 Love Nature HD 🦎
1662 BBC Earth HD      [#3 best]
1663 Smithsonian HD   [#5 best]
1758 Aquarium Ch. HD

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