Comcast Xfinity Channel Lineup Guide | HOUSTON | By Channel Number


Xfinity Channel Lineup | Houston, TX | By Channel Number — Printable (printer-friendly) channel listing of all stations for Xfinity customers in or near Houston, TX. Contact us if you’d like your own guide made. Free!

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Xfinity Channel Lineup | Houston, TX | By Channel Number | Complete Version (v.1. November 2021)

Xfinity Channel Guide for Houston, TX | Numeric (by channel number) — A FREE and complete printable PDF channel guide listing all available TV stations for Comcast Xfinity X1 customers in Houston, Texas. Print it out in hardcopy and/or just keep on your devices. Includes all channels in the various plans (Limited Basic/Choice TV Plus, Popular, Ultimate) as well as add-ons, Spanish and international channels.

Notes about this FREE printable Comcast channel guide:

  • Print-friendly PDF file of all available channels in Houston, TX (comprehensive version)
  • Stations are arranged numerically by channel number
  • To see the same guide but organized alphabetically, go here
  • Large-print font size for easy reading
  • Color coded by genre to make it easier seeing the channel lineup (distribution)
  • Search friendly too
  • If there is no “HD” after the channel name, this means the station is SD
  • Very thoughtful gift for seniors, or anyone for that matter!


First 35 Channels Snippet:


To read more about the Xfinity channel lineup, including the “hidden” channels, go here to our product category page.

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