Samsung TV Plus Channel Lineup Guide | CANADA | By Channel Number


Samsung TV Plus Station Lineup CANADA (FREE PDF):  Complete listing of all streaming Samsung Plus TV channels.  Channel guide is color coded and arranged numerically (by channel).  This guide is free to download.  No messing around.



Samsung TV Plus Channel Guide | CANADA | By Channel v.1 Nov. 2021

Samsung TV Plus Stations Channel Guide Canada (FREE PDF):  Comprehensive listing of all available channels for Samsung smart TV owners and users of the Samsung TV device app.  Samsung TV Plus Canada is a free streaming service and includes 70 channels from all genres.  To learn more about TV Plus on our website, go here.

We offer a print-friendly channel lineup listing that can be downloaded for free and printed.  It’s most helpful when looking up a channel (for example, “What channel is X on Samsung TV Plus?”).  It also helps to see all channels at once in hardcopy or on devices.

  • This channel guide is arranged alphabetically by TV station and color coded by channel genre
  • Comprised of 70 Samsung TV Plus stations as of November 2021 in Canada
  • All stations are HD (high definition) quality.
  • High resolution TV station logos, emojis and color coding make it easy finding channels.  New ones are added frequently to the lineup.
  • Our favourite, top-five stations on Samsung TV are also listed



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