Pluto TV Channels | USA | By Channel Number


Pluto tv Channels Guide (numeric) — Complete listing of all available channels for Pluto tv users across USA.  Arranged by channel number.  Free print-friendly PDF for download.  December 2021.


Pluto TV Channels Guide | Complete Listing | By Channel #

v.3 December 1, 2021

Comprehensive PDF listing of all Pluto tv channels for users in the USA.  This channel lineup guide is organized by station number and color coded by genre.  Includes 328 TV stations; all of which are HD quality (720p or higher).

This Pluto tv PDF channels guide is also available alphabetically.  It’s also free to download.

It is important to know that, in general, major networks are still available despite cutting the cord.  For Pluto tv users, this includes CNN, NBC News and CBS News and more.  However, the big four networks are not included (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox).

Notable TV Channels

Secondary networks like BET, Comedy Central, CMT, Spike TV, MTV, AMC, WEtv, Faith TV, and Nickelodeon are available.  Sports fans will appreciate Pluto tv Sports, CBS Sports HQ, Fox Sports, NFL Channel, PGA Tour, MLS, bein Sports, Red Bull TV, and more.

There are many unique stations offered by Pluto tv dedicated to a wide variety of genres such as Pluto tv Conspiracy, Sci-fi, Science, Tech, Travel, History, Dogs- and Cats-24/7 and even TV Weddings.

Gameplay channels are also available such as Roblox, Minecraft TV and Gamespot.

American-Hispanic channels are plentiful with multiple genres including Telenovelas Clasicas, Cine Latino and even Walking Dead en Español!

My Top-15 Pluto tv Favs:
Awesomeness TV
Chassy  🚗
Classic TV Comedy  📺
Comedy Central Pluto
Cult Films
Dogs 24/7  🐕
Fight  🥊
Funny AF
Naturescape by Stingray
NFL Channel
Military  🪖
Slow TV
TV Land Sitcoms
Science  📡


First Thirty Channels

Below is a sample of the first 30 stations of this Pluto tv Channels Guide | Numeric.  The printable (PDF) version though has all of them and is color coded.  With high resolution TV station logos, these features makes it easier to find channels and gain a sense of the channel distribution.  Updated December 2021.

50Pluto tv 007
51Pluto Movies Spotlight
73Crime Movies
75Horror  🧟‍♀️
76Terror  🧟‍♀️
80Black Cinema
90Staff Picks
91Documentaries  [#2 best]
9490’s Throwback
9580’s Rewind
9670’s Cinema
100Paramount Movie Ch.
103Westerns  🤠
106Classic Movies
109Cult Films
112Flicks Of Fury
115The Asylum
116Christmas  🎅🏻
117Mistletoe  🎅🏻
118Home for Holidays 🎅🏻
119Cine Navideño  🎅🏻
120Crackling Fireplace
121Festive Fireplace [w/ music]
122Holiday Lights  🎅🏻


For any special requests, please contact us.  We are not affiliated with Pluto tv or any other TV provider for that matter.  

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