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Pluto TV Channels Guide | Printable PDF | Numeric (v.3.1, April 2022) — Full Pluto TV channels lineup in a printable channel list.  TV stations are arranged by channel number in this version.  Free, print-friendly PDF for download!


Pluto TV Channels List 2022 — The full Pluto TV channels lineup is available to download here for free as a printable PDF channel guide.  All 329 Pluto TV stations are arranged by channel number.  We also have the lineup as a separate Pluto channels guide arranged alphabetically (by network).

It is important to know that, in general, major networks are still available despite cutting the cord.  For Pluto tv users, this includes CNN, NBC News Now, CBS News and more.  However, the big four broadcast networks are not yet available on Pluto.


Benefits of this Printable Pluto TV Channel Guide:

  • Large-print font size makes it easier on the eyes
  • Full Pluto TV lineup is arranged by channel number
  • Color coding by TV network genre helps to find stations
  • TV network logos and emojis also help to spot your channel
  • The PDF is searchable, meaning, you can look up Pluto channels by typing it into your PDF viewer’s “Search or Find” field


Notable Pluto TV Channels:

Well-known networks like BET, Comedy Central, CMT, Spike TV, MTV, AMC, WEtv, Faith TV and Nickelodeon are all available on Pluto.  Sports fans will appreciate Pluto tv Sports, CBS Sports HQ, Fox Sports, NFL Channel, PGA Tour, MLB, MLS, BeIN Sports and more.

There are also many unique stations on Pluto tv dedicated to a wide variety of genres.  These include Romance Channel, Sci-fi by Pluto TV, Science, Travel, History, Dogs-24/7, Cats-24/7 and even Pluto TV Weddings.  The Drew Barrymore Show is a new one that’s gaining popularity.

Pluto TV Gameplay channels include G4 Select, Pluto TV Gamer, Roblox, Minecraft TV and Call of Duty.

Spanish language channels are plentiful on Pluto TV (44 of them in total).  Multiple genres are represented such as Telenovelas Clásicas, Cine Adrenalina and even Walking Dead en Español!  Sadly, there’s only four international stations currently on Pluto: TYT (The Young Turks), CJ ENM (Korean), Sky News (Britain) and Euro News Español.


Top-50 Networks on Pluto TV:

Here’s a list of the most commonly viewed TV networks on Pluto TV along with channel numbers.  This is just a snippet of our full Pluto TV channels list available here.  This helps answer the question, “What channel number is _ on Pluto TV?”

Top-50 Pluto tv Channels
91Documentaries  [#2 best]
100Paramount Movie Channel
127Showtime Selects
135Stories by AMC
156Drew Barrymore Show
167Game Show Central
174BET Pluto
178MTV Pluto
182CMT Pluto  🚚
187Logo Pluto
194Awesomeness TV
202Pluto tv News
204CBS News
213NBC News Now
221Sky News  🇬🇧
224Bloomberg TV
226Cheddar News
230BNC Go – Black News Channel
234Today all day
236Newsmax TV
290Spike Pluto
294Hell’s Kitchen  👩‍🍳
310WEtv All Reality
373Cold Case Files  👨‍⚖️
465Comedy Central Pluto
601Food TV  👩‍🍳
605America’s Test Kitchen 👩‍🍳
616The Design Network 🛠
651History Pluto tv
653Smithsonian Channel Selects
655Military  🪖
678Travel  🏝
702CBS Sports HQ
705Fox Sports
708NFL Channel  🏈
709MLB Major League Baseball  ⚾️
712MLS Major League Soccer  ⚽️
713PGA Tour  ⛳️
725Sports Pluto
740BeIN Sports Xtra
750MAVTV Select  🏎
946Estrella TV
952MTV Acapulco Shore Esp.
958EuroNews Español
959Estrella News
970BeIN Sports Xtra Español
991Nick Pluto 


Pluto TV Channel Changes 2022:

To see the latest channel additions and deletions on Pluto TV from December 2021 to April 2022, see our Pluto TV category page.


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