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Bell Fibe TV Channels | Sports Stations (v.1, Jan. ’22)

Bell Fibe sports stations are listed here in a free, print-friendly PDF for download.  See all 58 channels at once.  Includes add-on sports channels.

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Bell FIBE TV Channels | Sports Stations (v.1, January 2022)

Bell Fibe TV Channels Guide | All sports stations including sports add-ons are listed here in a free, print-friendly PDF for download.  A total of 58 unique sports channels are available on Fibe TV; 45 of which are English language (others are French and foreign languages).  When the lineup is counted manually, there are in fact 98 sports channels.  However, with SD/HD duplicates removed, the number is 58.

Bell Fibe offers a wide variety of sports channels including all the major sporting networks such as TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, TVA Sports 1-3 (French) and niche channels such as OLN, Golf Channel, Sportsman Channel, ESPN Classic, REV TV, Fight Network, Wild TV and more.

[To see the sports packages available on Bell Fibe, this link will take you to their website sports information.]

Benefits of this Fibe TV Sports Channels Guide:

  • Two-page printable PDF listing of all 58 unique sports stations on Bell Fibe
  • TV stations are arranged numerically and colour coded by language
  • Add-on channels are listed in light grey font
  • Sparse use of emojis (to denote the sport) makes it easier spotting channels
  • SD versions are listed first (under Ch. #1000) followed by HD and 4K channels

4K Sports Channels on Bell Fibe

There are 7 sports channels in 4K resolution with Bell Fibe and include:

1390 Bell 4K B
1395 Sportsnet 4K
1396 Sportsnet ONE 4K
1398 TSN2 4K
1399 TSN 4K
1406 Sportsnet East HD/4K
1409 Sportsnet ONE HD/4K

Notable Bell Fibe TV Sports Networks with Channel Numbers:

We’ve listed here the most commonly viewed sports networks on Bell Fibe TV.  Channel numbers are the same across Canada except for ones under #1000.

412 ESPN Classic SD (Toronto)
1108 RDS HD
1109 RDS2 HD
1110 RDS Info HD
1398 TSN2 4K
1399 TSN 4K
1401 TSN 1 HD
1402 TSN 2 HD
1406 Sportsnet East HD/4K
1409 Sportsnet ONE HD/4K
1412 beIN Sports HD ⚽️
1413 beIN Sports Español HD ⚽️
1414 REV TV HD  🏎
1415 NBA TV HD  🏀
1416 Golf Ch. HD  ⛳️
1417 CBS Sports Ntwk. HD
1419 Sportsman Ch. HD
1421 FOX Sports Racing HD 🏎
1422 Leafs Nation HD  🏒
1423 Fight Network HD  🥊
1426 NHL Center Ice HD 🏒
1438 NHL Centre Ice Fr. HD 🏒
1446 WWE Network HD 🤼
1448 NFL Network HD  🏈
1450 MLB Network HD  ⚾️
1451 NFL Sunday Ticket HD 🏈
1471 NBA League Pass HD 🏀
1485 MLB Extra Innings HD ⚾️

green: French and Spanish sports channels 

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