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Rogers Ignite Channel Lineups

Download and print your free Ignite TV channel lineups here.

We have Ignite comprehensive channel guides (all TV stations included), Ignite bundles lineup guides (lists of channels with corresponding channel numbers for each Ignite package) and Ignite Flex bundles channel tables (listing of the base and flex channels for each package).

We also have Ignite sports stations and Rogers theme pack channel guides.

All of these channel lists are well organized PDF documents that make it easier seeing all the channels and better understand the flex bundles.

Each Rogers flex bundle has both base (starter) and flex channels.  The latter come as “pre-selected flex” but can be substituted on a monthly basis with “available flex” channels (more on this on our Explaining Ignite Bundles webpage).

For best results when printing, use thicker paper when possible with a gloss or matte finish.  If you’d like us to print for you, just let us know.  We’ll also bind it in fancy blue linen weave protective covers (“hardcopy”) image above.

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Printable Ignite TV Channel Lists

We have the following TV channel lineups as free PDF files for Rogers Ignite TV customers across Canada:


  • Complete (comprehensive) Ignite Channel Lists:  All stations are listed in these channel lineups — both alphabetically and by channel number. For several geographic regions (e.g., Toronto, Kitchener, Hamilton, etc.).
    • Last updated in 2021


  • Ignite Bundle Channel Lineup Guides:  Lists of all stations with channel numbers for the Ignite Premier, Flex 20 + Sports, Flex 10 and Flex 5 packages. Ideal for comparing bundles.
    • Last updated in October 2023


  • Ignite Bundle Channel Tables:  These are checkmark-style lists of preselected and available flex channels.  Channel numbers are not included.  Their purpose is to see the flex channels for each Ignite bundle.
    • These are available separately on our website here where we explain the basics of Ignite TV bundle packages.
    • Last update was in early 2021


  • Ignite Sports Channels Lineup:  Printable PDF listing of all sports stations available on Ignite TV


  • Rogers Theme Packs

All of these guides are available right below!