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Samsung TV Plus Channel Guide USA v.3 (FREE):  Listing of all 256 free streaming Samsung Plus TV channels as of Oct. 2023.  This TV station lineup guide is color coded and arranged by channel number.  It is free to download.  No messing around!



Samsung TV Channel Guide | USA | By Channel Number (v.3 October 2023)

Samsung TV Plus Channels Guide (FREE PDF):  Full listing of all Samsung TV Plus streaming TV stations.  TV Plus is a free streaming service on Samsung TVs.  It includes 256 channels of all genres in the USA.  All are free to watch. It is also accessible on some Samsung devices.

We offer a print-friendly Samsung TV channel guide that can be downloaded for free and printed (or kept on devices).  Allows one to keep track of the ever-changing channel lineup and visualize all channels at once instead of a small, onscreen TV guide.

Benefits of this Printable Samsung TV Plus Channel Guide:

  • This particular channel list is arranged by channel number and color coded by TV station genre
  • To see the same lineup arranged by station name, see our Samsung Alphabetical Channel Guide
  • This TV Plus channel lineup has 256 channels as of October 22, 2023 (all free to watch)
  • High resolution TV network logos, emojis and color coding make it easy finding channels
  • The PDF is searchable too (by using your PDF viewer’s Find/Search field)
  • All stations are HD (high definition) quality or better
  • Five channels on Samsung TV are ultra-high resolution 4K, including Clarity, Loupe, Love Nature, Bloomberg+ and Naturescape by Stingray

Notable TV Channels

There are some high quality TV stations that are entirely free to access on Samsung TV Plus.  Big nationwide news networks include CNN Replay (Channel 1009), CBSN (Ch. 1005), NBC News Now (Ch. 1008), LiveNowFOX (Ch. 1006) and ABC News Live (Ch. 1007), USA Today (1023) and Bloomberg TV+ (1015) as well as QuickTake (1021).  Sky News is on channel 1013.  NBC Lx is on 1034.

Local news networks are now available since our last update (Channels 1035-1039). Various local Telemundo stations are on channels 1244 to 1255.

The biggest sports channel is CBS Sports HQ (1152).  This is followed by Fubo Sports (Ch. 1158), beIN Sports Extra (1157) and ACC Network (1162).

Some Pluto TV channels have been adopted for use by Samsung TV Plus such as BET Pluto TV (Ch. 1059), MTV Pluto TV (1245), , Pluto Fantastic (1461) and Pluto Westerns (1484).

Several notable children’s stations include PBS Kids (Ch. 1376), Nick Pluto TV (1379), LEGO channel (1385), Pluto TV Pixel World (1363), and Ryan & Friends (1384).


Most-Watched Networks on Samsung TV Plus with Channel Numbers:

1006LiveNow from FOX
1007ABC News Live
1008NBC News Now
1009CNN Replay
1013Sky News  🇬🇧
1055TV Land Drama
1059BET Pluto TV
1068Lucky Dog  🐕
1072Danger TV  ⚠️
1078Nosey  👨‍⚖️
1084Shades of Black
1104FOX Soul
1106Rotten Tomatoes
1107Hollywire  😎
1131Forensic Files  👨‍⚖️
1133Court TV  👨‍⚖️
1144Fear Factor  😱
CBS Sports HQ
1156CNN Resumen
1178Outside TV  🏕
1181People Are Awesome
1189Top Gear  🏎
1204America’s Test Kitchen 👩‍🍳
1205Jamie Oliver  👩‍🍳
1210Million Dollar Listing 🏡
1213This Old House  🏡
1215Design Network  🛠
1239All Reality WE TV
1240Hell’s Kitchen  👩‍🍳
1241Kitchen Nightmares 👩‍🍳
1245MTV Pluto TV
1246Love & Hip Hop
1253Telemundo Al Día
1318Conan O’Brien TV
1325LOL! Network
1376PBS Kids
1379Nick Pluto TV
1400Samsung Wild Life 🦎
1402Military Heroes  🪖
1403Modern Marvels  🏢
1404Love Nature 4K  🦎
1406PBS Digital Studios
1450The Movie Hub
1452Paramount Movies
1455Hallmark Movies


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