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Samsung TV Plus Channel Guide USA (FREE):  Complete listing of all streaming Samsung Plus TV channels.  For Samsung smart TV owners.  Channel guide is color coded and arranged numerically (by channel number).  Included 168 channels as of July 2021, four of which are 4K quality. This guide is free to download.  No messing around.  No credit card information is required.  



Samsung TV Plus Channel Guide | USA | By Channel Number v.1 July 2021

Samsung TV Plus Channel Guide (FREE PDF):  Comprehensive listing of all available channels for Samsung smart TV owners.  Samsung TV Plus is a free streaming service that includes 168 channels of all genres.  We offer a print-friendly channel listing that can be downloaded and printed.  Allows us to keep track of the ever-changing channel lineup. Launch the Samsung TV Plus app to use their interactive channel guide.  Use ours to see all the channels at once, in hardcopy.

  • This channel guide is arranged numerically by channel number and color coded by TV station genre
  • Comprised of 168 TV channels as of July 2021
  • All stations are HD (high definition) quality.  Four are ultra-high resolution 4K (Clarity, Loupe, Love Nature and Naturescape by Stingray)
  • The benefit of our guide is to see all channels at once so to keep track of all stations
  • High resolution TV station logos and color coding make it easy finding channels.  New ones are added frequently to the lineup.
Notable TV Channels

There are some high quality TV channels that are free of charge using the Samsung TV Plus app.  Big news providers include CBS, FOX and ABC News, USA Today and Bloomberg TV.  Black News Channel and TYT Young Turks also up-and-coming news outlets.  Some Pluto tv channels have been adopted by Samsung TV Plus such as Pluto Drama Life, Pluto Fantastic and Pluto Westerns. Several children’s stations included, most notably, PBS Kids, Nick, Lego channel, Toon Goggles and more.  My personal favorites include Chive TV, InWonder and Skills & Thrills.

Our Samsung Plus TV channel guide makes it easier to keep track of new channels as they arise.  Color coding such as light blue denotes children and family channels.  Movie channels such as Midnight Pulp, Paramount Movies and Cinevault are all available.  Sports fans will appreciate beIN Sports, ACC Network, Insight TV and WPT Poker in addition to several other lesser-known stations (no major sporting networks are available).  Several gaming channels included (e.g.,  GAMR 365, IGN Entertainment, MinecrafTV).

Channel Counts by Genre

Of the 168 channels seen in our Samsung TV Plus channel lineups, 24 are sports, 16 are movies and only 18 are international (mainly Spanish language).  A few Vevo digital music stations are available.  The nice thing about this service is wide diversity of TV channels.  There’s something for everyone.

First Thirty Channels

Below is a sample of the first 30 stations of our Samsung TV Plus channel guide.  You can cut and paste this list below into your own document, however, our printable (PDF) version available includes all channels and is color coded. With high resolution TV station logos, these features make it easier finding channels.

1006NewsNOW by FOX
1007ABC News Live
1015Bloomberg TV+ UHD
1016Cheddar News
1017Yahoo! Finance
1021Bloomberg Quicktake
1023USA Today
1024Black News Ch.
1029Real America’s Voice
1032TYT Young Turks 🇹🇷
1052Stories by AMC
1054TV Land Sitcoms
1060Drama Life Pluto tv
1062Ion Plus
1063Baywatch  😎
1064Nashville Ch.  🚚
1065Walking Dead  🧟‍♀️
1067Degrassi  📚
1068Lucky Dog  🐕
1069Bob Ross Ch  🏔
1070Clarity 4K
1072Danger TV
1073Magellan TV Now
1078Nosey  👨‍⚖️
1082Circle  🚚


Even though I’m Canadian, gotta say I ❤️ 🇺🇸!

Oh, and on a more professional note, we are not affiliated with Samsung Plus or any other TV provider.  

For any special requests, please contact us.

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