DirecTV Channel Guide | By Station Name


FREE PDF to Download (v.2 Updated March 2021) – This alphabetically ordered, eight-page channel guide lists all unique 543 TV channels available with DirecTV.   Includes Music Choice digital music stations as well as all sports, adult entertainment, most movie channels (including HBO, Starz, Showtime amongst others) and over 150 international channels. Compare with our identical guide that is arranged by channel number.


DirecTV Channel Lineup Guide | By TV Station Name.  v.2. Updated March 2021.

DirecTV Channel Lineup (alphabetically arranged) for customers across America:

  • Printable 8-page PDF file to download and print at home
  • Large font size and organized by channel number
  • Color coded by genre and with crisp, high-resolution station logos make it easy to find channels
  • 543 unique channels in this complete version, of which, 251 are HD/4K
  • This version does not include local stations (Ch. 2-70)
  • Covers all stations available with the various DirecTV packages (Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, Premier)
  • Helpful hints and even some life saving advice on the back page


See what we pay for!  This guide makes it easy to see ALL TV stations available with DirecTV satellite.  Nothing is worse than paying for a channel you never knew you had!  Compare with our identical guide but which is arranged by channel number.  Please note that DirecTV channels are the same across America with the exception of the first 70 channels (local stations).  So, this guide applies to all DirecTV subscribers.  

First 30 Channels

Here’s a snippet of the first 30 channels in this alphabetically ordered (by station) channel guide.  By comparison, our PDF version is complete (comprehensive), has high res TV station logos, corresponding channel numbers, of course, and is color coded by genre (e.g. sports, international, music, etc.)

5 Star Max HD
60’s  ✌️
70’s                [#1 best 𝄞]
80’s                [#2 best]
80’s Rock 🎸
ABS-CBN Sports+Action
ACC Network HD
Accuweather HD
Action Max HD
Adult Alternative
Adult PPV  😳
AHC Amer. Heroes HD
Altitude Sports HD
Americana  🇺🇸
Animal Planet HD
Antena 3 SD
Arirang TV
Aspire HD
AT&T Info
Atres Series SD
ATTS Pittsburgh HD
ATTS Rocky Mountain HD
ATTS Rocky Mountain West HD

We are not affiliated in any way with DirecTV or any other TV provider.

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