DirecTV Channel Lineup | Printable TV Station List | Alphabetic


DirecTV Channel Lineup, Printable PDF | Alphabetic

Printable DirecTV channel lineup as a PDF channel guide that’s free to download. Arranged by TV station (channel numbers still shown). Color coded by TV station genre.  Helps find “What channel is [blank] on DirecTV“.


DirecTV Channel Lineup Guide | By Network Name (v.3, March 2022)

DirecTV Channel Lineup Printable PDF — This is a free channel list of all Direct TV channels arranged alphabetically (by network).   See what you pay for!  It makes it easier to see all stations at once instead of having to repeatedly “channel up/down” on your live TV guide.  Download for free and print or just keep on your devices.

International and Spanish stations are not included (but we have them here).  All the big broadcast network channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and more) are between Ch. 2 and Ch. 70 on DirecTV.  They differ based on geographic region, so we couldn’t include them (to see your local stations on DirecTV, go here).

DirecTV Channel Lineup Printable PDF Benefits:

  • Direct TV offers 400 unique channels (not including international stations)
  • 7-page PDF file to download and print at home (no wasted space)
  • Large print size and organized by TV station name
  • Color coded by genre
  • High-resolution TV network logos and emojis make it easy finding channels (i.e. “What channel is [blank] on DTV?”)
  • This version does not include local stations (Ch. 2-70) or International/Spanish channels
  • Includes all stations for the various DirecTV packages (Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, Premier)




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  • To see a DirecTV package comparison PDF, go here
  • To see the DirecTV online TV channel guide of live TV shows, go here


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