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Optimum (Altice) Channel Guides

We offer channel guides for Optimum cable TV customers in New York and New Jersey states currently.  They are available as PDF files for download.  The guides are all up-to-date and well organized, being arranged by channel number and color-coded by genre.  High quality TV station logos make also make it easier finding channels.

For best results when printing, use thicker paper when possible, with gloss or matte finish.  If you’d like us to print for you, just let us know.  We’ll also bind it in fancy blue linen weave protective covers (“hardcopy”) image below.

See What You Pay For, I say

Photo: Printed Hardcopy of our TV Channel Channel Guide @ printTVchannels.com

Download and print your own channel guide.  Or, have us do it for you.  We'll professionally print, bind and mail you this hardcopy wrapped in fancy blue linen-weave covers*.  (*$20 charge applies)

Optimum Cable TV Channel Guides

In this product category, we currently offer TV channel listings for Optimum (Altice) customers in New York and New Jersey states.  Please let us know if your area is missing so we can make your guide. 

Not only are the channel lineups print-friendly, they’re also search-friendly.  Television stations can be found using your PDF viewer’s Find or Search field.  Combined with color coded genres, it’s easy finding channels.  Finally, we keep track of whether a channel is SD (standard definition) or HD (high-def).  

We are not associated with Optimum or Altice.

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