Full Bell Fibe TV Channels Lineup


All Fibe channels are listed in this free, printable PDF channel guide (comprehensive version.  v.4, Feb. 2022).  Unlike our edited version, this one has all the international channels.


FIBE TV Channel Guide | Comprehensive | Toronto and Montreal (v.4, Feb. 2022)

Bell Fibe Channels Lineup Guide for Ontario and Quebec — All Fibe channels are arranged numerically (by channel number) in this print-friendly PDF that’s free to download.  Updated February 2022, this is a full (comprehensive) channel list that’s handy to see which TV stations are available.  Channels above 1000 are the same regardless of location in Ontario or Quebec.

Never miss a channel again! This guide makes it easy to see all channels in your package. Nothing is worse than missing out on a TV channel you never knew you had!

Benefits of this Comprehensive Bell Fibe Channels Guide:

  • Free, print-friendly, 15-page PDF file
  • This full guide includes all available Bell Fibe TV channels in all languages — 982 channels in total but with duplicates removed, there’s 668 of ’em.
  • Stingray music and live radio stations are included as well
  • Arranged by channel number and colour coded by genre
  • Large font size makes it easier on the eyes
  • Search friendly too! (i.e. find channels using the “Find” or “Search” field in your PDF browser like Acrobat)

(Note: The Edited Version of this guide has international channels omitted, making it a slimmer, 12-page version.)

4K Channels on Bell Fibe

There are seven 4K stations on Bell Fibe.  All are sports channels.  Availability depends on your plan:

1390Bell 4K B
1395Sportsnet 4K
1396Sportsnet ONE 4K
1398TSN2 4K
1399TSN 4K
1406Sportsnet East HD/4K
1409Sportsnet ONE HD/4K

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