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“LG Channels” Lineup Guide | Alphabetic (v.1. Jan. 2022)  — Alphabetical listing of all 356 free TV channels on LG smart TVs (“LG Channels” is the name of their free live channel service).  This list combines both the Xumo and Pluto TV station contributions to the LG Channels lineup.  This printable PDF channel lineup is free to download.

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LG Channels Lineup Guide | Alphabetic (v.1. January 2022)

This LG channels list is a free print-friendly PDF of all available TV stations on LG smart TVs (2016 and later, USA only).  With a whopping 356 free TV stations, this list makes life easier by seeing all channels at once in hardcopy or on your devices.  Interestingly, LG teamed up with Xumo and Pluto tv to deliver their TV stations. This list combines both the Xumo and Pluto channels into a single document.  Print it out or keep handy on your devices.

This PDF channel guide is organized alphabetically by TV station name.  To see the same stations but arranged numerically, check our our other LG Channels Guide.  Both versions are searchable.


Benefits of this LG Channels Lineup Guide:

  • Alphabetical listing of all 356 TV stations by station name
  • Large print (font) size makes it easy to read without glasses
  • Stations are color coded by genre (e.g. Red for News, Weather and Info, Blue for Sports, Tan for Movie Stations and Comedy)
  • High resolution TV networks logos and emojis also help to easily locate channels


Top Viewed Networks on LG Channels (by channel number):

We listed what we think are the most popular networks on LG channels to help you locate specific channels.  This is an abbreviated version of our full PDF channel lineup. To see the same stations organized by channel number, check out or alphabetic LG Channels guide.

100 NCAA Channel
122 CBS News
123 NBC News NOW
133 CNN
229 Nashville Channel  🚚
260 Hallmark Movies & More
266 History             [#2 best]
286 Spike Outdoors  🏕
287 Spike Pluto TV
292 MTV Pluto TV
449 Love Nature  🦎
460 Smithsonian     [#3 best]
502 Love Nature Esp. 🦎
520 Nick Español
522 MTV Español
531 EstrellaTV
610 Kids TV
613 Nick Pluto TV
701 CBSN Sports
709 MLB  ⚾️
719 SportsGrid
740 FOX Sports
741 FOX Deportes  ⚽️
750 PGA Tour  ⛳️
827 Latido Music


Channel Counts by TV Station Genre for LG Channels:

Count Sports Movies Music Spanish + Int’l
356 38 37 23 47


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Printable TV Channel Guides


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