A print-friendly, colour coded, comprehensive TV channel listing guide.  This is a 6-page, 475-channel complete PDF file of Optimum TV channels to download and print.  Does not include CableCARD channels (we have a separate guide for that).  Small fee helps run this dedicated website.


Optimum Cable Television Channel Lineup Guide | BRONX.  December 2020.

  • 6-page PDF file to download and print (with 475 channels)
  • Includes Stingray Music channels
  • Arranged numerically, by channel number
  • Colour coded by genre
  • Crisp, high-resolution TV station logos
  • Large font size (14-point Helvetica)
  • Search friendly (i.e. use your PDF Viewer’s “Find” or “Search” command to find channels)
  • Helpful hints and even some life saving advice in the back pages
  • For customers in The Bronx, NYC

This guide makes it easy to see TV channels in your Optimum digital package.  Nothing is worse than paying for ones you never knew you had!  Please note this version does not contain CableCARD channels (see below).

We are not affiliated in any way with Optimum, Altice or any affiliates.  Fees help cover costs of running this website.  

HD Channels with CableCARDs

With a CableCARD, you will not automatically get channels in HD at the standard definition channel positions. HD channels are located in the 600-800 channel range for CableCARD customers. You can go to Optimum’s website to select your area for a listing of HD channels.  Or, check out our pretty version of CableCard here!  Our copies are better organized, easier to print and have crisp, high-resolution TV station logos!

PREVIEW Image of Optimum CableCARD HD Channels for both Brooklyn and The Bronx, NY. This is a preview image of the PDF file that is available for download and printing at home. Search-friendly too!


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