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Our printable DirecTV Stream channel lineup guide makes it easy seeing all channels in hardcopy (or keep on your device).  All channels are listed along with add-ons, Spanish & International stations and regional sports networks.  Organized both numerically and alphabetically as well as by plan.


DirecTV Stream Channel Guide | Alphabetic + Numeric  v.1.  October 2021.

Our printable DirecTV Stream channel lineup guide makes life easier by seeing in hardcopy (or on your devices), all available TV stations (not including local stations).  Their channels always changing so be sure to subscribe with us to receive free updates (temporary offer).

DirecTV Stream offers a great sports lineup (20 channels) including most of the big networks (NBA, NHL, MLB, ESPN). However, NFL Sunday Ticket and Redzone aren’t available. There are substantially less channels in DirecTV Stream compared to regular DirecTV (236 vs. 543 total channels). Despite that, the biggest advantage is no need for a contract.

All channels are HD quality but at the lower end of spectrum, at 720p resolution (but are apparently capable of 1080p) .

Notes about about this channel guide:

  • Print-friendly, up-to-date PDF channel table listing of all available Direct TV Stream stations
  • Large font size makes it easy to read (Helvetica 14)
  • Stations are color coded by genre
  • Channel lineups are arranged both numerically (by channel) and alphabetically (by TV station)
  • Is a checkmark-style table for each of the four DirecTV Stream plans
  • Includes Movies Extra Pack, Spanish language and International stations as well as regional sports networks
  • Makes for a very thoughtful gift!
Available DirecTV Stream plans along with their channel counts and prices (October 22, 2021):
Plan# ChannelsPrice (monthly)


From The Streamable (link at bottom of page):

  • “Entertainment” plan includes local channels and 34 of the top 35 cable channels
  • “Choice” plan adds your local RSN including Fox Sports RSNs, pro sports networks like NBA TV and MLB Network, College Sports Networks like BTN and SEC Network
  • The more expensive “Ultimate” plan adds Fox Sports 2, NBA TV, NHL Network, Golf Channel, Lifetime Movie Channel and additional Discovery networks
  • “Premier” plan gives you access to all premiums like HBO, Showtime, STARZ, and Cinemax.

Notably, ePIX is not standard with any of the packages (it’s a premium add-on).


First 30 Channels of our Printable DirecTV Stream channel lineup (numerically arranged):

Here’s a snippet of our channel guide.  For those of you already familiar with the DirecTV channel lineup, you might notice the channel numbers are the exact same for DirecTV Stream.

204HLN Headline News
213MLB Ntwk  ⚾️
215NHL Network  🏒
216NBA TV  🏀
217Tennis Ch  🎾
218Golf Channel  ⛳️
219Fox Sports 1
220NBCSN Sportsnet
221CBS Sports
226Shop LC
228GEM Shopping
229HGTV  🏡
230DIY Network  🛠
231Food Ntwk  👩‍🍳
232Cooking Ch  👨‍🍳
233GSN Game Show
235Tastemade  👩‍🍳
236E!  😎
239Sundance TV
240HSN Shopping
241Paramount Network
242USA Network
244Syfy  👽
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I’m Canadian but gotta say, I ❤️🇺🇸.  Oh ya, on a professional note, we’re not affiliated with DirecTV or any other provider.

Contact us for any special requests including for custom-made guides.

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