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For Optimum CableCARD HD channel subscribers in Brooklyn and The Bronx, New York.  This is a 2-page PDF file to download and print (160 TV channels).  Accompanies the full listings found here.

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Optimum CableCARD High Definition Channel Lineup Guide | BRONX | December 2020

  • For unknown reasons, Optimum TV has a separate channel listing for HD channels (numbered in the 600-800’s)
  • As such, they are not included in our Optimum Cable TV Channel Lineup for The Bronx
  • This is a separate, 2-page PDF file to download and print (with 160 channels)
  • Arranged numerically (by channel number)
  • Colour coded by genre
  • Crisp, high-resolution TV station logos make it easier to find channels
  • Large font size (14-point Helvetica)
  • Search friendly (i.e. use your PDF Viewer’s “Find” or “Search” command to find channels)
  • For customers in The Bronx, NYC

This guide makes it easy to see all your HD channels in your Optimum Cable TV digital package.  Nothing is worse than paying for ones you never knew you had!  You can try Optimum’s website, but that leads to a mess that can’t be easily printed.  It’s also outdated.

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