Sling TV Packages | Free Stations and VOD Channels


Sling TV Packages 2022 | Free Stations and Free VOD Channels —  This is a printable PDF listing of all Sling free stations and on-demand channels.  This web page also briefly describes how Sling works with its various base packages, deals and add-ons.


Sling TV Packages | Free Stations and Free VOD Channels 

We have four Sling TV channel lineups that help clarify the channels that come under the three main packages and add-on packs (“Sling Extras”).  The channel guide on this page provides all the Sling free TV stations and on-demand channels.  But before getting to that, it’s best to summarize how Sling TV packages work.

Three Sling Primary Packages (“base packs”): 

  • Sling Orange (32 base stations)
  • Sling Blue (43 base stations)
  • Sling Orange + Blue (49 base stations)


Sling TV Add-on Stations (“extras”):

  • Sling Add-on Packages — e.g. “Total TV Deal” (from 65 to 93 stations, depending on base plan), “4 Extras Deal” (from 31 to 47 stations, depending on base plan)
  • Sling Extra Packs — e.g. Sports ExtraNBA League Pass and NBA Team Pass, as well as Comedy Extra, Kids Extra, News Extra, Heartland Extra, Hollywood Extra and more
  • Sling Premium Add-ons —  Movie packs include Epix (4 stations), Showtime (10) and Starz (6), AMC+ pack (4) and numerous premium add-on channels (38)
  • Sling Free Stations list — Includes live channels and on-demand (VOD) stations for a total of 76


Sling Free

This is free access to thousands of on-demand (VOD) shows and movies as well as live channels.  It’s similar to Pluto tv.  No credit card or registration is required.  In other words, it’s hassle free but we have to deal with advertisements.

The free channels can be accessed at on a web browser (Chrome, Edge, or Safari only) or by downloading the Sling TV app to a streaming device (such as Amazon Fire TV, Android, LG TV, Roku, Samsung TV, or Xbox).

Examples of some free live stations and VOD channels on Sling:

  • News: ABC News Live, CBSN, BNC Go, Newsy
  • Entertainment: ET Live, Walking Dead Universe, AMC+, ESPN On-Demand, TLC On-Demand
  • Sports: beIN Sports Xtra, PAC-12 Insider, Outside TV+, Barstool Sports


Benefits of this Sling Channel Guide:

  • Printable (print-friendly) channel lineup
  • Large print size (font)
  • Stations are organized by genre (and color coded)
  • High quality TV station logos and emojis make it easy finding channels
  • The PDF can be kept on your device for quick reference
  • The PDF is search friendly


Check out our other Sling TV Channel Guides to see what we pay for:

  • All Sling TV Channels by Package —  A breakdown of all Sling channels by category (package).  It provides all Sling base stations, add-ons and free stations as separate lists (as opposed to single, comprehensive channel list).  For example, it lists the channels that come with the News Extras and Sports Extras add-on packs.
  • All Sling TV channels Combined — This guide provides all Sling base stations, add-ons and free channels as a single, alphabetical list (as opposed to organization by packages)
  • Sling Sports Stations List — Listing of all sports channels on Sling.  Also includes a breakdown of sports channels under the various sports-related add-on packages (e.g. Sports Extra, NBA Premiums, Heartland Extra pack and those in Spanish and World Sports Mini packs)




We do not work for or are affiliated with Sling TV or any other cable, satellite or streaming TV provider.  We are Canadian but gotta say we ❤️ (and miss) 🇺🇸 ! [Oh right, that’s not the right type of disclaimer.]  Anyhoo, we’re here to make life easier by seeing what we pay for.

Feel free to contact us for any special requests.

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