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RiverTV channel listings guide for customers across Canada.  Printer friendly PDF to download and print (or just keep on your devices).  v.1, October 2021.  Note: This guide is free to download.  No messing around.  No credit card information is required.

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RiverTV OTT Streaming TV Channel Lineup  v.1. Created October 2021

River TV Channel Guide for customers across Canada:

First off, RiverTV is the best “over the top” (OTT) paid streaming TV service in Canada.  OTT means you don’t need to have an internet plan with that provider.  In other words, you can stream channels on your desktop, devices and more (e.g. Roku).  It is VMedia’s big stab at the giants (Rogers and Bell) competing for streaming TV.

This RiverTV channel guide is a FREE, print-friendly PDF listing of all channels.  It includes basic channels as well as standalone and those in the various theme packs.  Although the RiverTV website provides a channel list, it is incomplete, not print friendly and doesn’t breakdown basic vs. add-on channels.

Other features of our RiverTV channel lineup:

  • Free, print-friendly 2-page PDF file to download and print
  • Includes all 77 available stations and are arranged by channel number
  • Large font size (14-point Helvetica)
  • Colour coded by genre
  • Crisp, high-resolution channel logos make it easy scanning for channels
  • Search friendly too (i.e. channels can be searched using your PDF Viewer’s “Find” or “Search” field)
  • Helpful hints and even some life saving advice on the back page
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA, especially our pre-printed, bound version!


TV Station Breakdown

Although the RiverTV writeup claims “36 basic stations”, the actual count is thirty-eight (yay to bonus channels!). Both Fashion & Style 4K and Journy make up the difference. All channels are 720p resolution or better.  Important live channels include Global, CBC Toronto and CHCH.  Notable add-ons are Super Channel and Hollywood Suite series’.  Both Wild Nature and Mezzo Live are great even though they’re not in English.

Here’s the first thirty channels.  Sure, you can copy-paste but might as well download our colourful RiverTV PDF channel guide.  It’s smarter and prettier 😜.  Just click “Add to cart” to start.  No credit card info is required (sorry, long story).  If you’re wondering what the ranking is all about, well, it’s just my personal preferences.  Please feel free to comment in your product review (please?!).

CBC Toronto
Revolt  😎
Adult Swim
Nat Geo           [#3 Best]
Smithsonian    [#1 Best]
W Network
Fashion & Style 4K
Cottage Life  🏕
Journy  👩‍🍳
Law & Crime  👨‍⚖️
CBC News Network
Cheddar News
Euronews English

The #2 best in case you’re wondering, is the add-on, Documentary Channel


Coming Soon:  The master channel list of all time… “Streaming TV Canada | MASTER Channel Guide 😎



We do not work for or are affiliated with RiverTV, VMedia or any other cable, satellite or streaming TV provider.  We are Canadian and love Canada.  [Oh right, that’s not the right type of disclaimer.]  Anyhoo, we’re here to make life easier by seeing what we pay for.

Feel free to contact us for any special requests.

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