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Streaming Service Channel Comparison | Top-85 Most-Viewed Networks | Free Version (Jan. 2022)

Side by side comparison of channel availability for the big streaming TV service providers (YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling, Fubo, Philo, Vidgo and DirecTV Stream). This free-version-PDF shows the top 85 most-viewed TV networks for each. Also included is the pricing, number of channels, DVR space and number of streaming devices allowed for each streaming TV provider.


Channel Comparison of Streaming Providers | Top-85 Most-Viewed Networks | Free Version (v.1. Jan. 2022)

This streaming service channel comparison is a side-by-side chart of TV station availability for the major streaming TV providers.  We compare channel lineups for YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling, Fubo, Philo, Vidgo and DirecTV Stream. This is the free version and includes the top 85 most-viewed TV networks.

[To see the complete list comparing the top 350 channels, check out our Master Streaming TV Channel List.  It’s a pay version for $4.99, the first of its kind on this website in fact, and is worth every penny because a lot of work went into it.]

This master streaming channel chart was created by checking and then cross-referencing the channel lineups for each streaming provider.  The information is accurate and up to date. The total number of channels are tabulated for each and compared to pricing.

Technical Info:

From there, we calculate the cost per channel (CPC).  For example, it costs $0.55 per channel for YouTube TV (= $65/month divided by 118 base channels).  This can be compared amongst the providers to get an idea of relative value.  For Hulu Live, the CPC comes out to $0.82/channel (= $70/month divided by 85 base channels) which indicates a lower value.

Inversely, another way of looking at it is by flipping these number over.  These can be used to calculate a “value index” (the number of channels received for every dollar spent).  Continuing with YouTube TV, the inverse, or 118 base channels/$65 works out to an index of 1.81 channels per dollar.  For Hulu, the index value is 1.21 (85 Base Channels/$70).  The comparison again shows YouTube TV is superior to Hulu TV but in terms of number of channels received for every dollar spent.  [Note: the Value Index values are shown in the pay version of this guide only]

Benefits of this “Channel Comparison of Streaming Providers” Master Chart:

  • Free, printable PDF for download
  • Number of base channels and monthly cost are included with each streaming provider (the number and cost of add-ons are included in the pay version)
  • CPC (Cost per Channel) results are displayed for each service
  • DVR capacity is provided (in hours), as well as…
  • Enhanced DVR capacity and pricing
  • # Streaming Devices allowed for each account are also listed
  • TV stations are arranged alphabetically and color coded by genre
  • Add-on stations are indicated by an asterisk (*)
  • Clickable blue text links at the top of each PDF page will take you to our streaming TV channel lineup guides


Channel Counts and Pricing by Streaming Provider

Links take you to our respective channel guides:DTVS PremierFubo EliteHulu Philo VidgoYTTVSling OrangeSling BlueOrange + Blue
# Base Channels159135857296118324349
Cost of base channels per month$140$80$70$25$55$65$35$35$50

— Updated Dec. 2021-Jan. 2022.  Instead of copy/pasting, download this free PDF to see all information.  

Local Networks and Top-10 Channels Available by Streaming TV Provider

This is just a sample of this PDF master streaming channel guide offered here:

DTVS PremierFubo EliteHulu Philo VidgoYTTVSling OrangeSling BlueOrange + Blue
ABC  [local]
CBS  [local]
Fox  [local]
NBC  [local]
PBS  [local]
Fox News
Hallmark Channel✓*✓*✓*

— Updated Dec. 2021-Jan. 2022.  Instead of copy/pasting, download this free PDF to see all information.  

There are some important discrepancies to note when it comes to the availability of local broadcast networks with the major streaming TV providers.  PBS for instance, is only available on YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream (not Hulu or Fubo).  Sling has NBC and FOX in some areas, whereas Vidgo has ABC and FOX.  Local networks are not yet available on Vidgo.  Of all streaming TV providers, YouTube TV is the winner when it comes to offering the most local networks.


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