Pluto TV Sports Channels


Listing of all twenty-three sports channels available with Pluto tv in the USA.  Print-friendly channel guide is free to download.  Updated June 2021.


Sports Channels on Pluto tv

Listing of all 23 sports channels available with Pluto tv in the USA.  Feel free to copy and paste this list below, or, download our nice and fancy PDF version to print at home instead.  Great way to compare Pluto tv to other streaming providers and see which channels are available. Updated June 2021.

Notably, there are some great sports channels included and they are FREE to watch.  Namely Fox and CBS sports, NFL channel, Major League Soccer and PGA Tour.  Missing though are NHL, MLB, NFL Redzone and NBA channels.

AAA  🤼‍♂️
Action Sports Pluto
Backcountry Pluto 🏕
gebeIN Sports Xtra
Bellator MMA
Big Sky Conference
Cars  🚗
CBS Sports HQ
Chassy  🏎
Combate World  🥊
Fight  🥊
Fox Sports
Fubo Sports Ntwk
Glory Kickboxing 🥋
Impact! Wrestling 🤼
MLS Soccer  ⚽️
NFL Channel  🏈
PGA Tour  ⛳️
Pursuit Up  🦌
RedBull TV
Sports by Pluto tv
WPT Poker  ♠️

To see our full channel lineup of Pluto TV channels, go here (numerically organized list) or here (alphabetically arranged).


We are not affiliated in any way with Pluto tv or any other TV provider for that matter.  We just want to make life easier.  

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