DISH Network Packages Comparison 2021


DISH Network Packages Comparison — Listing of all DISH Network TV stations for the main prebuilt packages: Flex 50, Top 120, Top 120+, Top 200, Top 250 and America’s Everything Pack.  Different than our DISH Channel Guides (which provide channel numbers), this is a spreadsheet-style table listing of TV stations for the various bundle packs. v1. Created Nov. 2021. 


Comparing DISH Channel Lineup Packages v.1, November 2021

DISH Network Packages Comparison — Up-to-date and complete comparison of  DISH Network channels (stations) for the main prebuilt packages.  It’s available as a free PDF download*.  It includes the following packs: Flex 50, America’s Top 120, Top 120+, Top 200, Top 250 and America’s Everything Pack (AEP).

Channel numbers are not included nor are local stations and most premium channels.  If you want to see channel numbers for each station, see our DISH Channel Guides.

NOTE:  The Flex-50 and AEP packs are available only to existing DISH Network customers

Features of this DishTV channel list:

  • Free PDF available for download and printing
  • Side-by-side comparison of the 4 main packs (Top 120, Top 120+, Top 200, Top 250) PLUS the Flex-50 and AEP packs
  • Lists all TV stations for each pack (local stations and home shopping channels are omitted)
  • Provides the actual count of stations (channel count) for each bundle pack (e.g. 127 stations in the “Top 120”, 138 in the “Top 120+”).  More on this below.
  • Channels are color coded by genre to make it easier scanning for stations
  • Emojis also help to organize by genre and to find stations
  • This list was double checked not once or twice, but rather three times (triple cross-referenced) to ensure accuracy

Pricing Comparison

  • This DISH TV Channels Comparison List includes monthly pricing and number of stations for each pack (as of November 23, 2021)
  • We tabulated the number of unique stations per package by adding it all up.  We did not include local and home shopping channels and removed duplicates as well
  • You will notice the actual number of stations is less than those published on the DISH Network website(s).  For America’s Top 200, which reportedly has “240+ channels”, our count came to 187 (again, local and shopping channels omitted)
  • “Cost per Channel” (CPC) is calculated by dividing the monthly price by the channel count.  For example, for the Top 120 pack, which costs $70/month and has 127 channels, CPC = $70/127 or $0.55 per channel
  • Alternatively, if CPC is inverted (1/CPC), or by dividing the channel count by monthly price for the Top 120, we get 127 channels/$70 = 1.82 channels per $1 for the Top 120 pack
  • This is most helpful when comparing packages in terms of value (i.e. How much does $1 get me?).  With 1/CPC, it can be determined the best packs in terms of value are America’s Top 200 and Top 250 (1.92 and 2, respectively)
  • This is consistent with’s report (link below)


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