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This Rogers Ignite FLEX 10 + SPORTS Channel Guide makes life easier.  It is a free, print-friendly listing of all TV channels in the Flex 10 bundle.  For customers in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga, ON.  Along with our FLEX 10 Channel Table, both will help to keep track of Flex stations.


Rogers Ignite | TORONTO | FLEX 10 Channel Guide | Alpha + Numeric.  v.1. Created September 2021


Flex 10 Channel Lineup for Rogers customers in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario:

  • FREE, print-friendly listing of all Flex and base channels for day-to-day use
  • In other words, this is a “go-to” channel guide to navigate channels that come with the Flex-10 bundle
  • All TV channels are listed in both alphabetic and numeric sequence in the first pages (by station and by channel number, respectively).  Base channels and preselected Flex channels are also provided separately on the back pages.
  • Per Rogers’ website for Toronto, this bundle has 42 total channels including 10 Flex stations
  • To note, “Total Channels = Base Channels + Flex Channels“.  The latter come “preselected” and can be exchanged monthly with “available flex” channels
    • Colour coding is used to identify the types of channels (green, red or black depending if they’re Flex or base channels)
    • Our separate, check-list style, Ignite Flex 10 Channel Table can also be used to keep track of Flex stations (found on a separate web page)
    • Base channels cannot be interchanged with Flex stations.  Base channels are also listed separately in the back pages of the guide (in black font)

Sounds confusing?  Once you physically see our channel guide (and channel table), it will all make sense!  🙂  The whole idea is to make life easier!


See our Master List of Flex Channels to gain a better idea of the various Ignite packages.


Other Notes about our Flex 10 Channel Guide:
  • Is a free PDF file to download, print and keep by the TV
  • Large font size (14-point Helvetica) makes it easy to read
  • Crisp, high-resolution TV station logos make it easy finding channels
  • Colour coding (in highlight form) identifies TV station genres (e.g., news, sports, movies, children’s, relaxation)
  • Search friendly too (by using your PDF Viewer’s “Find” or “Search” field)
  • Helpful hints and even some life saving advice on the back page


Select 30-Channel Example (numerically ordered):

Here’s a portion of our Roger’s Ignite Flex 10 channel lineup.  It’s a little mixed up but demonstrates the diversity of TV  stations along with colour coding scheme. (To download the much prettier and more organized, complete PDF guide, just click “Add to Cart” above and follow instructions.)

916Aquarium  🐠
136CBC Toronto CBLT
153CHCH Hamilton
137CityTV Toronto 
147CPAC English
638CPAC French
138CTV Toronto CFTO
139CTV Two Toronto CKVR
917Fireplace  🪵
140Global Toronto CIII
600Ici Radio-Can Télé CBLFT
604Ici RDI
150OMNI Toronto CJMT
154OMNI.1 Regional CJMT
148Ontario Legislature
921Real Estate Ch
430Rogers Preview Ch
299Rogers Relaxation
920Today’s Shopping
143TV Ontario
602TV5 Québec
606TVA Montréal CFTM
630Unis TV
104Weather Network
312CTV Comedy
313CTV Comedy West
Preselected Flex Channels:
312CTV Comedy
313CTV Comedy West
103CTV News Channel
314Food Network  🧑‍🍳
309HGTV Canada  🛠
234Nat Geo
305W Network
306W Network West

We do not work for Rogers or any other cable or satellite TV provider.  We are Canadian and love 🇨🇦.  [Maybe that’s not the type of disclaimer we were supposed to write, umm.]  But anyhoo, we’re here to make life easier by seeing what we pay for.  😎  We enjoy helping others.

Feel free to contact us for any questions or special requests.

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