Rogers Ignite FLEX 10 Channel Guide | Toronto


This Rogers Ignite Flex-10 channel guide makes life easier.  It is a free, print-friendly PDF listing of all TV channels and station numbers in the Flex 10 bundle for Rogers Ignite customers in Toronto, ON.  It includes the base channels as well as preselected and available flex stations.  v.3 updated Oct. 2023. 


Rogers Ignite | FLEX-10 Channel Guide | Toronto  (v.3. Oct. 2023)


Flex-10 Channel Lineup for Rogers customers in Toronto and area:

  • FREE, print-friendly PDF listing of all base channels and Flex stations.
  • Per Rogers’ website for Toronto as of October 8, 2023, this bundle had 41 channels plus 10 Flex stations to choose from, for a total of 51.
  • Total Channels = Base Channels + Flex Channels.
    • The latter are “preselected” (PSF) and can be exchanged monthly with “available flex” (AF) channels
    • Colour coding is used in this PDF channel guide to identify the channel type (red for PSF, green for AF)
    • Base channels cannot be exchanged with flex stations.

Sound confusing?  Once you physically see our channel guide it will all make sense!  :)  

The whole idea is to make life easier!


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Also see our comprehensive Ignite channel lineup to see all available channels on Ignite (including Theme Pack stations)


Other Notes about our Flex 10 Channel Guide:

  • Is a free PDF file to download and print, and/or keep handy on your devices
  • Channel numbers are included for each TV station (and helps answer the question, “What channel is X on Ignite?”)
  • Large print (font size) makes it easier to read
  • Crisp, high-resolution TV network logos and emojis make it easier finding channels
  • Search friendly too (by using your PDF Viewer’s “Find” or “Search” field)


Flex 10 Top-Viewed Networks (alphabetic):

6136CBC Toronto CBLT
7137CityTV Toronto
62103CTV News Channel
8138CTV Toronto CFTO
56314Food Network  👩‍🍳
3140Global Toronto CIII
46309HGTV  🛠
85234National Geographic

green: Preselected Flex stations, black: Base channels


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We do not work for Rogers or any other cable or satellite TV provider.  We are Canadian and love 🇨🇦.  [Maybe that’s not the type of disclaimer we were supposed to write, umm.]  But anyhoo, we’re here to make life easier by seeing what we pay for.  😎  We enjoy helping others.

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