Rogers Ignite vs Bell Fibe TV Channels | Master List


Rogers Ignite vs. Bell Fibe Channels | Master List (v.1, Feb. ’22)

Head-to-head comparison: Rogers Ignite vs Bell Fibe TV channels and packages.  This printable, checkmark-style PDF channel table is a spreadsheet of TV stations for each provider and bundle.


Ignite vs. Fibe TV Master Channel List (v.1, February 5, 2022)

Head-to-head channel comparison: Rogers Ignite vs Bell Fibe TV.  This printable, PDF channel table is a checkmark-style spreadsheet of TV stations for each provider. Channels are further broken down into the various Ignite TV bundles and Fibe TV packages.  Coloured checkmarks indicate if the channels are base plan or add-on stations.

Benefits of this “Ignite vs. Fibe” channel guide:

  • Easily compare Ignite and Fibe in this “side-by-side” TV channel analysis
  • Only the base plans are shown with the exception of the major American broadcast networks (blue checkmarks)
  • Many channels without checkmarks are still available for each provider but as add-ons (and are not shown for clarity)
  • Colour coding by highlights help denote the various TV station genres
  • TV network logos and emojis also help to find stations
  • See what we pay for (or missing out on)!

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To keep our Fibe vs. Ignite comparison guide simple, we had to remove some lesser known stations (e.g. Fireplace Channel, Rogers Sports Preview and more).  The channel guides below have all the stations for each provider.

Helpful External Resources:

Get the channel lineups from the original source.  The problem though is their lists aren’t print friendly.

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