Spectrum TV Packages Comparison | MASTER LIST


Spectrum TV Channels | Compare Packages (v.1, Feb. ’22)

This Spectrum channel guide compares stations for the three main channel packages: Select, Silver and Gold.  Free, print-friendly PDF for download.  See what you pay for (or missing out on)!


Spectrum TV Channel Lineups | Master List (v.1, February 2022)

This Spectrum TV Packages Comparison Guide compares TV channels for the three main packages: Select, Silver and Gold.  Add-on channels like NFL Redzone, MLB Strikezone, MLB Extra Innings, FOX Soccer Plus and more are included at the bottom.  This is a high quality, printable PDF Spectrum TV channel lineup that is free to download.

Benefits of this Spectrum TV Packages Channel Lineup:

  • Free, printable, high-quality PDF channel table of TV stations for the Select, Silver and Gold packages
  • TV channel availability is indicated by a checkmark (✓) or black circle (◉)
  • High resolution TV network logos, color coding and emojis make it easy spotting channels
  • Listed first are all major broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS, Ion TV, The CW and MyTV)
  • Followed by all the major cable networks on Spectrum (in alphabetical order)
  • Although most add-on channels are included in the list, many are added at the bottom along with subscription channels
  • See our top-five, best stations ranked in the list as well! (based on TV station content quality)


Top Cable Networks on Spectrum TV:

Channel numbers for Spectrum TV stations vary based on geographic region.  So, it’s not possible to make a nationwide Spectrum channel guide.  Instead, see if we have a channel lineup for your area and if not, please contact us with your request.  We’ll make it free of charge!

Below, we have compiled an alphabetic list of the top-25 most viewed cable networks on Spectrum TV in the United States.  It is just a snippet of our master channel guide.  It also shows a couple of our favorite TV stations rankings.  The emojis help to spot specific channels in the big list (the PDF offered on this webpage).

Top-25 Networks on SpectrumGoldSilverSelect
Discovery      [#1 best]
Food Network  👩‍🍳
FOX News Channel
Hallmark Channel
HGTV  🛠          [#2 best]
History Channel
Investigation Discovery 👨‍⚖️
TV Land
USA Network


External Reference:

To see the Spectrum channel lineup for yourself, you can go to their website here.  However, you will notice the channel lineups and packages are not in print-friendly lists.

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