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Rogers IGNITE Channel Guides

Download and print your FREE Rogers Ignite channel guide.  Our guides are well organized, being arranged by channel number and colour-coded by TV station genre.  They come as print-friendly and search-friendly PDFs for download.

For best results when printing, use thicker paper when possible with a gloss or matte finish.  If you’d like us to print for you, just let us know.  We’ll also bind it in fancy blue linen weave protective covers (“hardcopy”) image above.

See What You Pay For, I say

Photo: Printed Hardcopy of our TV Channel Channel Guide Listings for Rogers IGNITE Cable TV

Download and print your own channel guide.  Or, have us do it for you.  We’ll professionally print, bind and mail you this hardcopy wrapped in fancy blue linen-weave covers.

Printable Rogers IGNITE Channel Guides

We currently offer TV channel lineups as PDF files to Rogers IGNITE TV customers in southern Ontario and GTA Toronto.  Guides are arranged by channel number and colour coded by genre.  They are also “search friendly”, meaning, TV channels/stations can be searched using your PDF viewer’s Find or Search box.  

Currently we have guides for customers in Toronto/Brampton/Mississauga, in Scarborough/Richmond Hill/Vaughan/ Markham/Pickering, Aurora/Newmarket and London and Hamilton, ON.  More coming online soon and with requests.

Our print-friendly Rogers IGNITE channel guides come in various lengths & formats:

  • Full (complete) version, which is 7 pages long and includes 572 channels
  • Edited (shorter), 3-page version with 246 channels
  • Alphabetic (by station name)
  • Numeric (by channel number)

If you’re here on this website, it’s probably because it’s difficult (or impossible) finding up-to-date, print-friendly channel guides.  Surprisingly, does not provide what we offer: channel lineups arranged by station number and with TV station logos.

If you are uncertain whether you have Rogers IGNITE or DIGITAL TV, the key difference is lack of wires needed for Ignite TV.  Ignite is newer technology, being based off wifi instead of unsightly wires.  One downside though is lack of live radio stations (Rogers DIGITAL has these).