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Free TV Channel Guide PDF Downloads

Get your TV channel lineup as a free PDF download off this site. Our channel guides are complete listings for viewers of cable, satellite and streaming TV providers in the USA and Canada.  

Download and print your channel lineup or just keep handy on your devices.  For best results when printing, use thick-stock gloss, or even better, matte printer paper.   Contact us if you don’t see your channel guide.  

USA TV Channel Lineups:

  • AT&T U-Verse
  • Charter Spectrum
  • DirecTV
  • DISH Network
  • Optimum Altice Cable
  • Suddenlink
  • Verizon Fios
  • Xfinity TV
  • more coming!

Canadian TV Channel Guides:

  • Rogers Ignite
  • Rogers Digital
  • Bell Fibe
  • Bell Satellite
  • Shaw Satellite
  • VMedia
  • more coming!

Streaming TV Channel Lineups:

  • DirecTV Stream
  • Fubo TV
  • Hulu TV
  • Pluto tv (USA)
  • River TV (Canada)
  • Samsung TV Plus
  • Sling TV (Orange, Blue, Orange + Blue)
  • YouTube TV (YTTV)
  • more coming!

See What W Pay For!

Three-photo frames showing the same channel guide but printed on three different paper types. From top to bottom: glossy vs. matte vs. plain paper. Gloss paper appears best but colours aren't true. Matte strikes perfect mix of accurate colours and high quality print resolution. Plain printer paper comes last because of fading and non vivid colours.| TV Channel Guides USA. Caption reads, "Matte and high gloss (top and middle) are better than plain paper because colors are more vivid and resolution is sharper. "

We are not affiliated with any television provider . We’re here simply to make life easier.  Advertising opportunities are available on our website and in the channel guides.  Contact us to learn more. 

Details about our Channel Guides

A lot of work goes into making our TV channel lineup guides.  They are well-organized documents arranged by channel number and/or alphabetically by station.  Color coding by genre as well as crisp, high quality TV station logos make it easy finding channels.  

For most TV stations listed, we indicate if it’s high definition (HD), standard definition (SD) or 4K (ultra-high resolution).  We count the number of HD/SD/4K channels to make it easier when later comparing TV providers.  (Stay tuned for our “Master Channel Guide” coming out early-2022 that will give the complete breakdown of channels by TV provider.)

Finally, TV channels can be searched using our PDF channel lineups.  Simply enter the TV station name, call sign (eg. “WKRP”) or station number in your  PDF viewer’s search field.  The latter is what we mean by “search friendly”.

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