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Comparison of Suddenlink Cable Packages (v.1, March 2022)

Suddenlink Packages Comparison PDF — Print and compare channel lineups for the Suddenlink Premier, Select, Value, Core and Base plans.  This is a free, print-friendly PDF channel guide that makes life easier by seeing what’s on Suddenlink cable.


Comparison of Suddenlink Cable Packages (v.1, March 2022)

Suddenlink Packages Comparison PDF — Compares channels for the main Suddenlink plans (Basic, Core, Value, Select and Premier).  This is a side-by-side, checkmark-style list of TV stations by Suddenlink package.  This printable PDF is free to download.  See what you pay for (or missing out on)!

Once you’ve downloaded this free Suddenlink channel guide PDF, you will notice most channels are duplicated because of “SD/HD variants”.  This is needed because HD channels are available with Suddenlink Value, Select and Premier packages, whereas the SD plans are on Core and Basic.

In addition, the Suddenlink Core and Basic packages are further categorized into both simple and “expanded” versions.  The expanded channel lineups include such TV stations as A&E, AMC, CNBC, Fox Sports 1 and Fox News Channel.

Benefits of this Suddenlink Channel Packages List:

  • Compares all Suddenlink cable packages by channel availability (from best to least: Premier, Select, Value, Core and Basic)
  • Shows exactly which specialty movie channels and sports networks on Suddenlink Premier.  For example, HBO, Fox Sports 2 and NFL Network are only available with Premier
  • Suddenlink Core and Basic packages are further categorized into simple and expanded (“exp.”) channel lineups.  The expanded versions add approximately 68 more stations.
  • Print-friendly PDF is free to download!
  • Arranged alphabetically by TV network


Channel Counts of Suddenlink TV Packages:

PremierSelectValueCore Exp.CoreBasic Exp.Basic
Our Count32427220212659768
Suddenlink’s Count340290200????


This table compares channel counts for each Suddenlink package.  The reported channel counts by Suddenlink are fairly accurate.  However, the numbers are misleading, especially for the Premier, Select and Value packages because they include several duplicates (i.e. two versions of the same channel — both SD and HD variants (standard definition and high definition)).  Local stations are not included in these counts.

Preview of this Suddenlink TV Packages Comparison Guide:

Suddenlink PackagesPremierSelectValueCore Exp.CoreBasic Exp.Basic
Local Channels
ACC Network
ACC Network HD
American Heroes Channel
Animal Planet  🦎
Animal Planet HD  🦎
Bally Sports
Bally Sports HD

Exp. = Expanded


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