Printable Samsung TV Plus Channel Lists as Free PDF Files

Full, printable Samsung TV Plus channel lineup guides are available to download below.  We have both the American and Canadian versions of the channel guide.  These print-friendly channel lineups are free to download.

All TV Plus channels are listed with their corresponding channel numbers.  The USA version is organized numerically and alphabetically whereas the Canadian one is numeric only (by channel number).  All our TV channel guides are free to download and have large print size (font) to make it easier on aging eyes.

Our lists of Samsung PlusTV stations are color coded by genre to make it easier finding channels.  Sparse use of emojis also help.  For example, “🚚” denotes a country channel.


We have the following Samsung Plus TV 2022 PDF channel lineups available below:

  • Numeric List of Samsung Channels | USA
  • Alphabetic List of Samsung Channels | USA
  • Numeric List of Samsung Channels | CANADA

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Additions and Deletions | USA Samsung TV Channels (Dec. ’21)

These are the latest additions of TV stations for Samsung TV in the USA (including channel numbers). Our latest Samsung TV Plus Channels USA (v.2) includes these new stations:

1000 Holiday Movies
1003  Fireplace 4K  🔥
1004 Holiday Movie Favorites By Lifetime
1008  NBC News NOW
1019  TODAY All Day
1034 NBCLX
1041 Local News 1
1050 All Action
1055 TV Land Drama
1058 Heartland
1061 Bounce XL
1066 21 Jump Street
1077 Law & Crime  👨‍⚖️
1106 Rotten Tomatoes
1125 Crime Zone  👨‍⚖️
1128 Dr. G: Medical Examiner  👨‍⚖️
1130 The New Detectives  👨‍⚖️
1131 Forensic Files  👨‍⚖️
1135 Unsolved Mysteries  👨‍⚖️
1144 Fear Factor
1155 Golfpass  ⛳️
1163  Origin Sports
1207 Tastemade Travel  👩‍🍳
1210 Million Dollar Listing  🏡
1240 Hell’s Kitchen  👩‍🍳
1243 Project Runway
1247 The Challenge
1253 Telemundo Al Día
1264 PrendeTV Novelas de romance
1265 PrendeTV Novelas en familia
1284 PrendeTV Lo mejor de Liga MX
1290 CJ ENM
1322 That Girl
1324 Family Ties
1327 Portlandia by IFC
1463 FilmRise Action
1466 Documentary+
1488 FilmRise Western  🤠
1501 80’s Flashback
1502 90’s Throwback
1503 Rock On
1504 XITE XMAS  🎅🏻
1519 Vevo Holiday

These are the recently deleted channels from the Samsung TV channel lineup (after July 2021 and up to late December 2021):

1093FilmRise Classic TV
1132Law & Crime
1134FilmRise True Crime
1266Novelas Drama
1267Novelas Romance
1268Spike Adventura
1350GAMR 365
1442FilmRise Sci-Fi
1462FilmRise Family
1506Latido Music