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In this product category, we have Pluto TV channel lists for viewers in the USA.  Updated April 2022 (v.3.1):

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Not only are these Pluto TV channel lineups print friendly, they’re  also search friendly.  TV stations can be found using your PDF Viewer’s “find or search” field.  Combined with color coded channels (by genre) and sparse use of emojis, it’s easy finding your Pluto TV channel!

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Pluto TV Channel Additions 2022 (v.3.1, April 2022)

55 Reaction
140 Heartland
156 Drew Barrymore
176 Bounce XL
180 Fuse Beat
230 BNC Go
456 More TV Sitcoms
460 Black Throwbacks
494 Always Funny Videos
502 Classic TV Families
503 Black Classics
524 Perry Mason
623 Antiques Road Trip
741 Realmadrid tv
800 G4 Select
880 Vevo True School Hip-Hop
893 Vevo Retro Rock
908 Cine JaJa!!
909 Cine XOXO
912 CSI: En Español
952 MTV Acapulco Shore
985 BBC Kids
987 Niños Por BBC Kids
1027 CBS News Miami

Pluto TV Channel Deletions 2022 (v.3.1, April 2022)

116 Christmas  🎅🏻
117 Mistletoe  🎅🏻
118 Home for Holidays 🎅🏻
119 Cine Navideño  🎅🏻
120 Crackling Fireplace
121 Festive Fireplace [w/ music]
122 Holiday Lights  🎅🏻
123 Vevo Holiday
154 British Drama  🇬🇧
156 Dr Oz
192 People TV
230 BNC Black News Ch
228 CNet
456 Wings
494 AFV Amer. Funniest Vids
687 Chassy  🏎
694 Loupe     [#1 best]
756 Pursuit Up  🦌
806 Gamespot
900 Pluto tv 007 Esp.
967 Nosey Casos

Pluto TV is a fascinating and unique streaming TV provider. Although the main TV networks aren’t included, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW, Pluto tv makes up for it by leaps and bounds in three other ways.

First, it’s free of charge.  No subscription is needed.  Second, they offer a wide array of unique TV channels, some of which are dedicated to specific genres.  Third, Pluto TV has major sports channels such as CBS Sports, Fox Sports, NFL Channel, Major League Baseball (MLB) and Major League Soccer (MLS).

There are tons of movie channels of all sorts of genres but missing are Crave, Starz and HBO. This comes as no surprise though given Pluto tv is free of charge.

Spanish language channels on Pluto are plentiful too, comprising 44 in number as of April 2022.  Children’s shows and channels are also abundant.  This includes Nickelodeon/Pluto, Nick Movies, Nick Jr. Latino, TV Kids Animation (yay!) and Japanese anime channels.

Totally unique to Pluto tv are the various gameplay channels where you can watch the best of the best performing their best on Fortnite, Roblox and Call of Duty.