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PREVIEW Image of Optimum CableCARD HD Channels for Long Island, NY. This is a preview image of the PDF file that is available for download and printing at home. Search-friendly too!

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Optimum TV Listing of HD Channels for CableCard Subscribers in New York- PHOTO

Our channel guides are simple and useful, especially when there’s hundreds of TV stations to pour through.  See what you pay for!

Original version of the Rogers Toronto Channel Guide in 2009. They don't make these anymore so I did.

Dad’s old guide from 2009.  Oddly, things haven’t changed much and in fact, are worse because cable providers generally don’t maintain their channel lineups.

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Local TV Channels across America

"Unknown" channel is too many

intelligent Design

Our print-friendly TV channel lineup guides come as PDF files to download.  They are color coded by genre and arranged by channel number.  With crisp, high-resolution TV station logos, these features make it easy to quickly scan your channel list for a station.  Also, our PDFs are “search friendly”, meaning you can find any channel by typing its station name or number in your PDF viewer’s Find or Search field.

Photo: Printed Hardcopy of our clearlly well organized and TV Channel Channel Guide. Arranged by channel number and color coded by genre.
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I really like this flag but I’m not American eh.

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