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TV channel lineup guides for viewers of cable, satellite and streaming TV.  Free PDF downloads.  Accurate and up to date.

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A print- and search-friendly, colour-coded PDF file of Optimum cable TV channels. An 8-page guide with 642 channels, of which, 220 are HD. This channel table can be printed from home or by us. For customers in Yonkers, New York.

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Optimum TV Listing of HD Channels for CableCard Subscribers in New York- PHOTO

Our print-friendly TV channel lineups are simple and useful, especially when pouring through hundreds of TV stations.  See what we pay for!

Original version of the Rogers Toronto Channel Guide in 2009. They don't make these anymore so I did.

Dad’s old channel guide from 2009 (Rogers TV, Toronto).  Oddly, things haven’t changed much.

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"Unknown" channel is too many

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Our printer-friendly TV channel lineup guides are available as PDF files that are free to download.  They are lists of TV stations with corresponding channel numbers in a simple table format (spreadsheet style).  With crisp, high-resolution TV network logos along with alphabetic/numeric organization, these features make it easy to find stations and gain a better sense of channel distributions.  

The PDFs are “search friendly” too, meaning a channel can easily be found simply by typing its name or number into your PDF viewer’s search field.

We work hard to ensure all channel lineup guides are accurate, up to date and easily printed.  Information is gathered from at least three separate sources for each one and then cross-referenced.  You’d be surprised how even big TV providers themselves sometimes fail to publish accurate channel lists.  Finally, we rank the top TV stations in in every guide we compile (“#1 fav” for example).  Criteria include  programming creativity, originality and educational value.  Such rankings are just our opinion and we’re open to debate anytime. 🙂 

If you don’t see your guide, just let us know and we’ll make your own PDF, free of charge.  

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Channel Counts by TV Provider (Oct. 2021)

Here’s a breakdown of channel counts for several cable and satellite TV providers in the USA.  Our channel count is compared to those reported.  Also, the number of HD and 4K channels as well as the total number of sports, music and movie stations are provided.  International channels are counted too.  Duplicate channels were omitted including SD copies of HD channels.

This data helps make our TV channel guide lineups accurate and concise.  It also gives those shopping around a better idea of how each provider ranks.  Props go to DISH Network which offers the most number of international channels (350 of ’em).

Most importantly of course, is how this beautiful, robust channel count table is the 🍇 of a tremendous amount of 🏋🏻‍♂️🏋️🏋🏻‍♂️.  [All that COVID-19 downtime contibuted to well, something: sitting at my desk for countless hours paid off!]



Channel Count by TV Provider (USA)# Channels Counted# Channels ReportedHD/4K ChannelsSports ChannelsMovie ChannelsMusic ChannelsInternat. Channels
AT&T U-verse687"550+"235727275129
Dish Network452"290+"2359150131350
Verizon Fios520"645"241498361175

Duplicate stations have been removed. Channel counts do not include local networks

Digital music stations are included in the totals (e.g., Music Choice)

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