Printable Verizon FiOS Channels Lineup 2022 | NATIONWIDE | Alphabetic


Printable FiOS Channels Lineup PDF 2022 | By Network

Printable FiOS Channels Lineup 2022 — Find your Verizon FiOS channel with this FREE, printable PDF channel guide.  All FiOS channels including add-ons are organized alphabetically.   Although local stations aren’t included, you can jot them down on the last page.


Printable FiOS Channels List 2022 | By Network | Nationwide USA (v.2, May 2022)

Printable FiOS Channels Lineup 2022 | Alphabetic — Find your channel using this FREE, printable FiOS channel lineup guide PDF.  All stations are listed alphabetically and include core channels as well as add-ons.  Although local stations aren’t included, simply jot them down on the last page where there’s an empty channel table.

We counted the number of Verizon FiOS TV channels in May of 2022.  After accounting for duplicates, we can confirm there’s 463 unique stations in total. Four of them are in 4K (sports channels at #1496-1499).  This is in keeping with what Verizon has published on their website: “Over 425 channels in The Most FiOS TV plan”.  To compare FiOS packages, stay tuned for our Verizon FiOS TV Package Comparison channel guide (coming in late May 2022).

Benefits of this Alphabetical Verizon FiOS Channel Guide:

  • Printable 11-page PDF file to download and print (or keep on devices)
  • All stations are arranged alphabetically by TV network
  • Local stations, channels 1-49 SD/501-549 HD, are not included but you can write them down on the last page of this guide
  • Large font size makes it easy to read without glasses
  • TV stations are color coded by genre, and with high-resolution TV network logos and emojis, these features make it easy finding channels
  • This PDF channel guide is search friendly.  Just type the name into your PDF viewer’s “Find” or “Search” field

Compare with our full Fios Channel Guide 2022 by Channel Number


Some Popular Networks on Verizon FiOS (with channel numbers):

Popular Networks on FiOS TV
571ACC Network HD
685Bravo Channel HD
553FX Channel HD
615Newsmax TV HD
611The Weather Channel HD 🌪

Helpful Resources:

  • Verizon FiOS TV Website — See the channels for each Verizon TV package as separate lists.  Also can compare Fios TV packages.  You can print these channel lists but they’re not organized by channel number and do not include TV network logos like ours do
  • FiOS TV Support Page
  • Titan TV Website — See what’s on FiOS TV in this live FiOS TV guide (list of shows in channel grid)



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